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St. Peter and St. Paul – Two very different men, one loyalty

The sermon today looks at St Peter and St Paul, two dedicated, resourceful and committed men, but very different. Paul was a like a graduate of one of the elite Universities of his day, educated in the city of Tarsus. He had been tutored by Gamaliel, the famous leader of the Hillel School of Rabbis. Peter, by contrast, was someone whose formal education had ceased probably at what we’d call the primary school stage. He was a fisherman, married with a family, but unlike Paul, who had started out as a persecutor of Christians, he had known and actually worked alongside Jesus during his earthly ministry. Whilst Paul was a man of letters, eloquent, persuasive, perhaps more so on paper, Peter relied more on his personality – his letters in the New Testament betray his discomfort with long treatise. And the tensions between them and the different priorities and approaches they espoused, are still being played out in Christianity today.

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