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Some posts will be long, some will be short, some might be extracts from sermons, others more everyday, some will be articles that have also appeared elsewhere, some will be topical and some will be just thoughts that occurred at the time. Do check out our Facebook page as well for updates, thoughts, meditations and comments. This blog generally takes a progressive and inclusive perspective – and that means taking the Bible seriously but not literally, honouring the past, but looking to today and into the future, and seeking  to build an affirming church that serves all people with love, tolerance and acceptance. The views expressed may be mainstream in some aspects and pushing the boundaries in others, they simply reflect the Rector’s own theological journey within progressive Christianity, also known as liberal theology, and the desire to share ideas, impressions and feelings. It is this aspect of journey, of pilgrimage in one’s life that we need both to recognise and embrace, that no position we take is forever, no opinion expressed is the final stance – save to acknowledge that the road of life takes tests and turns that we cannot foresee or plan for, and that we need to learn and grow as we go along.

Right when you are wrong

(First appeared in Clare Champion, Friday, August 14, 2020) Sometimes you can be quite wrong and at the same time absolutely right; however in today’s digital world we seem to be so obsessed with ‘facts’ that we can find it hard to accept that many profound realities...

The EU is a holy place.

(First appeared in Clare Champion, Friday, July 17, 2020) The holy places of the world are not by any means perfect. They can be highly compromised, chaotic, corrupt; a place to fleece pilgrims and purvey artefacts of dubious authenticity. They can even at times be...

A life transformed by love.

A life transformed by love.

(First appeared in Clare Champion, Friday, June 12, 2020) When we first met Seamus he was shivering with fright, emaciated to almost a skeleton, he had been living rough for three months during which time he had crossed three or four counties in search of food and...

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