Think Question Believe

Below are the episodes of the Think, Question, Believe podcast where we look at the Christian faith from a progressive and inclusive perspective – what it means to be a modern Christian and that means taking the Bible seriously but not literally, honouring the past, but looking to today and into the future, and seeking  to build an affirming church that serves all people with love, tolerance and acceptance. The episodes will consider some of the most fundamental issues in theology, worship and prayer, such as the nature of God, the question of evil, who Jesus was and is, how we might view the role of the Bible, sexuality and other ethical issues with which modern Christians must contend. Rather than seeking the false assurance of definitive answers, we seek to demonstrate that you can be a Christian and still have a whole lifetime of questions – in fact it might be called ‘living the questions’.

What do we mean by the word 'God' ?

by Revd Kevin O'Brien | Think Question Believe

Do you really believe in 'the Fall' ?

by Revd Kevin O'Brien | Think Question Believe

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