Rector's Viewpoint

A series of videos, recorded at St Columba’s Rectory and elsewhere, covering some of the most fundamental issues in the Christian faith, from theology to worship and ethics. Viewpoint takes a progressive and inclusive perspective – and that means taking the Bible seriously but not literally, honouring the past, but looking to today and into the future, and seeking  to build an affirming church that serves all people with love, tolerance and acceptance. The views expressed may be mainstream in some aspects and pushing the boundaries in others, they simply reflect the Rector’s own theological journey within progressive Christianity and the desire to share ideas, impressions and feelings. It is this aspect of journey, of pilgrimage in one’s life that we need both to recognise and embrace, that no position we take is forever, no opinion expressed is the final stance – save to acknowledge that the road of life takes tests and turns that we cannot foresee or plan for, and that we need to learn and grow as we go along.

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